ErgFit Class

Indoor Rowing classes with a focus on increasing strength, increasing aerobic capacity and decreasing body fat.  ErgFit utilizes the Concept2 rower and Concept2 SkiErg Along with Kettlebell and bodyweight low impact strength training to help members reach their fitness goals quickly and have fun in the process.  ErgFit has been developed and trademarked by Brad Cardoza CSCS.

  • Indoor rowing / ergometer classes utilizing the Concept2 rower, Concept2 SkiErg and Assault Air Bike.
  • “Barbell free” Kettlbell and Bodyweight strength training
  • Low impact training for anyone with joint concerns
  • Increase strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Burn body fat quickly and improve body composition
  • Fun supportive group training environment
  • Safe for all ages from preteens to seniors
  • No experience necessary, perfect for all ability levels
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Try a Free Class

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