Pinnacle Strength

Pinnacle Strength Inc. was founded by internationally ranked Professional Strongman (retired) Brad Cardoza in 2002. For the last 16 years Pinnacle Strength has been providing strength training services to thousands of athletes all over the country. We are a fully equipped strength gym built for athletes with Strongman, Powerlifting, Weightlifting or Bodybuilding goals.

Pinnacle Strength Methods

Pinnacle Strength Methods is a strength training program / gym membership developed by Brad Cardoza in 2016.  Methods utilizes training methods followed by and developed by Brad during his 15 year Div. 1 Track and Field, Powerlifting and Professional Strongman career.

Membership includes:

  • Methods programming
  • 4 training days programmed each week with set and rep schemes adjusted each week.  New cycles with new movements are released each month.
  • Access to the Methods private group
  • Facebook page
    – download workout spreadsheets to track workouts
    – ask questions about workouts, technique, safety etc…
    – view exercise videos for descriptions on technique and set up
  • One on One coaching with Brad Cardoza
  • All methods members have access to head coach Brad Cardoza throughout the day.  This is an invaluable resource while following this program and would normally be an additional personal training fee.  Take Advantage!
Pinnacle Strength equipment includes:
  • 5x power racks (Pendlay/Hammer Strength)
  • Rogue Reverse hyper
  • 2x Rogue / Westside Olympic Bench
  • Hammer Strength GHD
  • Lat pull down / seated cable row
  • Hammer Strength Jammer
  • Hammer Strength Iso Row
  • Hammer Strength low Row
  • Hammer Strength Hi Row
  • Hammer Strength DY Row
  • Hammer Strength Iso Chest Press
  • Hammer Strength Iso Shoulder Press
  • 4x 0-90 adjustable benches
  • Pro Dumbbell set 5lbs-125lbs
  • Pendlay Jerk Blocks
  • Atlas stones 70-275lbs
  • 2 100lb dball
  • 2 150lb dball
  • Tires 350 650 950
  • Kegs 20lbs-200lbs+
  • Stone of Steel (Bartos power center)
  • Car deadlift / Viking press handle
  • 3x Rogue 10” log
  • Alumitech 12” log
  • 2x Rogue Yoke
  • Elite Fitness Pro resistance bands
  • 15x Concept2 Rower
  • 10x Concept2 SkiErg
  • 8x Assault Air Bike
Specialty bars and attachments (trap bar, Rogue deadlift bar, Texas power bar, Rogue branch bar, farmers handles, stubby axle, rotating 2” fat bar, Swiss bars, Rogue safety squat bar, Rogue fat grip landmine and pulldown, Rogue multi grip pulldown)
  • Open gym membership available
  • Pinnacle Strength Methods membership available
  • Full equipped strength training facility
  • Strongman
  • Powerlifting
  • Bodybuilding
  • Weightlifting
  • Sport specific training
  • Speed training
  • Build lean mass and strength fast
  • Private coaching available
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